The Lodge at Babe Islands is all that is left of the original Gildersleeve logging camp, a modern camp now updated with amenities yet still holding true to its historical feel. The Lodge is equipped with multiple cozy rooms in two cabins.

Each cabin comes with its own showers, as well as a shared commercial kitchen and an array of processing options in which we can either teach you how to process all the seafood you catch or we can do it for you. Each cabin reservation comes with access to kayaks, paddleboards, as well as its own 20 foot covered, aluminum fishing boat complete with GPS/Fishfinder, downriggers, all the fishing gear, 4 shrimp pots, 2 crab pots, an electric pot puller, bait, and all the outdoor gear you would need. Next, we help you experience Prince of Wales, Alaska the way locals do: wild, pristine, peaceful, and breathtaking.

Springtime here in Southeast means the return of herring, the favorite food of not only salmon but also humpback whales. Don’t be surprised to be trolling for salmon and see these giant whales, or on a kayak tour and safely observe humpbacks as they bubble feed. Again, Babe Islands Lodge caters to whatever guests want to plan: from world-class kayaking that utilizes an “ocean river” to going on whale/wildlife tours aboard the Lodge skiff, we are ready to provide an authentic Alaskan adventure that we create together. Spring begins the season of the whales, so book May 1-June 10 and receive 15% off!

Some of the best kayaking on the east side of Prince of Wales is found right next to The Lodge at the Babe Islands. What makes this area so special to kayaking is the constant current created by the “salt chuck” located between Kitkun Bay and the surrounding waters. This chuck creates an ocean river system that aids kayakers with a nice, very gentle tide pull – which we can use to our advantage when in the area. Plus, this chain of islands supports a huge amount of wildlife, from spawning salmon to bear, deer, eagles, seals, whales, orcas, and river otters. Being surrounded by wildlife and engulfed in nature, kayaking is truly amazing here.  

The waters surrounding The Lodge at Babe Islands are considered some of the best fishing that Alaska has to offer. From four separate species of salmon, monster halibut, trophy lingcod, crabbing for “dungys”, and shrimping for jumbo spot prawns, your experience is a daily plan that we help you create. We know the surrounding waters and have a solid plan to get you on the fish. Again, each cabin rental comes with a boat that is equipped to help you catch everything listed: all the fishing gear needed, a GPS/fishfinder ready and experienced in the area, 2 crab pots, 4 shrimp pots, all your bait, and all the outdoor gear you would need. Remember that a full-camp rental means two boats for your group! Wanting a full-Alaskan guide with a bigger boat to take your group out? They will pick you up right from camp and go for king & coho salmon and monster halibut.

Our processing menu includes all filleting/shrimp/crab processing, including options such as stripped, smoked and canned salmon, shrimp tails cut out, and much more. Not only will you go home with seafood, but the best part is also eating that true “catch of the day”, and we will help make that happen. Panko-flaked halibut nugget tacos, smoked-salmon pizza, shrimp cocktail, and cod traditional fish and chips are just some great suggestions off the top; nothing is better than enjoying a meal on the deck while that Alaskan sun gives you a two-hour sunset. The Lodge at Babe Islands is that perfect Alaskan spot to enjoy Southeast Alaska your way. (Add your Alaska fishing license and king salmon stamp to your trip to make the most out of your time here!)

When you are with us here at Babe Islands Lodge, you’ll see first-hand how much pride we take in catering to your adventure. If you are strictly here to fish – we have you covered 100%. If you are a nature lover and looking to get into the heart of the pristine wilderness of Southeast Alaska, we are ready to design the ultimate trip. Each cabin rental comes with kayaks, its own 20-foot boat loaded with fishing gear and ready to roll, and more. A remote, exclusive floating lodge tucked into a beautiful bay near the Babe Islands on Prince of Wales Island, we are that Alaskan experience you are looking for, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Book today, or call our General Manager at 907-617-8246 and let us plan your Alaskan dream vacation.